Waddle Review

Waddle is an invoice-based financing option for Australians located in Chippendale in New South Wales, AU. Waddle started their business development in 2014 and was able to start funding their customers in 2015.  Cash flow for small businesses can be challenging. Waiting on your businesses invoices to be paid may not happen in the same time line that bills, or employees need to be paid. Waddle is here to help businesses with their cash flow problems. They provide cash loans to businesses based on their outstanding invoices.

This review of Waddle will help you better understand how Waddle may be able to help your business with its cash flow problems. If you have outstanding invoices that you are waiting on being paid Waddle can provide the cash now to cover your business expenses while your customer is given time to pay the invoice.

🌐 Website:https://www.waddle.com.au
®️ Logo:waddle new logo
📝 ABN:33 603 519 142
📝 Credit License:603 519 142
💰 Loan AmountVaries by Application
⏲️ Loan TermPayments are made as invoices are paid, interest and fees are paid on a monthly basis
💸 Unsecured Loans?No, financing is available for debt already owed to the client by way of invoicing
⌚ Lender RequirementsBusinesses must incorporated, business must have a minimum of 12 months of trading history, business must use a supported accounting system (MYOB AccountRight, XERO or QuickBooks) and business must be based on an invoicing business platform
📃 Required:Online application and linking accounting system to Waddle are required
⏱️ Response Time:As quickly as one business day
🌝 Easy to Apply:Yes and No. The online application is easy, however linking your accounting system to Waddle may be more challenging as clients must use Xero cloud accounting software, MYOB AccountRight or QuickBooks to link to Waddle.

The Nitty-gritty

💌 Online Reviews:10 out of 12 Google reviews are 5 stars.
🏆 Awards and Recognition:In 2017 Waddle expands out of Australia and into New Zealand and Waddle’s customers are funded over $100 million and has secured $50 Million in funds.
💳 Minimal Interest Rates:Annual interest rates start at 9.95%
⚖️ Advantages
  • No minimum monthly turnover required
  • No lock-in contracts
⚖️ Disadvantage’s
  • Only for clients with a minimum of 12 months trading
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Short Summary:

Waddle finance provides its customers with invoice-based financing to allow business to focus on the day to day activities of their business and not collecting payments from customers. The majority of customers will make good on their outstanding invoices, but some customers need more time to pay than others. Instead of putting pressure on your customers to pay both Waddle clients and their customers are able to conduct daily business functions without the financial stress of collections or juggling bills and payments. This allows Waddles clients to focus on growing their businesses and doing what their customers do best in their industries. Waddle requires its customers to link their existing accounting system to Waddles platform to allow real time lending to Waddle’s clients. If they have an outstanding invoice in their accounting system, they will be able to borrow against it to pay bills and employees. This creates a seamless and continuous financing option for Waddle’s clients.

According to Google, Waddle (website waddle.com.au) reviews are 4.3 stars with 12 reviews. All reviews are 5 stars except for 2 1 star reviews. With ten 5 star reviews and only 2 1 star reviews it reveals that while Waddle is a young company, they started funding clients in 2015, they are handling their business well and the majority of their clients are happy with doing business with Waddle in Australia. Waddle did recently open operations in New Zealand as well.

Company Story

Waddle was founded by Leigh Dunsford and Simon Creighton in 2014 as a lower cost and more efficient way for businesses to get funding for purchases or day to day activities whether equipment or working capital. Their customer base is largely clients that are always waiting on invoicing but have payments going out more quickly than payments going into the organisation. Companies like recruiting, labour hiring agencies, manufacturing, wholesalers and transportation companies are best suited for Waddle as they are invoice driven industries that payment turnaround time can put a financial strain on the business.

Founders Dunsford and Creighton wanted to create a more seamless way for businesses to borrow funds against their existing invoicing system that once approved provides immediate lines of credit for their clients to borrow against to pay day to day billing or payroll. Their platform is designed to provide their clients with a revolving line of credit associated with their unpaid invoices.

Waddle is taking the technology available and putting it to use for day to day business financing opportunities for its clients. Waddle has highly rated security for their platform, data is shared through an encrypted 256-bit TLS (Transport Layer Security) which provides maximal security for data transfers over the Internet. TSL can encrypt data and require authentications to provide secure transfers of company’s data between Waddle and its clients.


Waddle and Eclipse Organics

Eclipse Organics is a client of Waddle and they state that with its growth comes payment cycle gaps. As a new vendor in the market their clients were required payments upfront, but their business grew, and they gained larger clients, these larger clients requested different payment terms. Some of these payment terms would extend out to 90 days, this can be very problematic for a small growing business. Eclipse Organics looked to Waddle to aid in their cash flow problems.


Waddle and Ecoterra Consulting

CEO of Ecoterra Consulting Group Pty out of Thomastown, Vic states they have been using Waddle and find that it is a user friendly and loves seeing businesses like Waddle being forward thinking in their business processes.


Waddle Client Reviews

While Waddle Australia has been funding customers since 2015, they only recently in 2017 started funding customers in New Zealand. Being a younger business, it has little customer reviews online.

-Google Reviews: 12 Reviews, 10 Positive, 0 Neutral, 2 Negative – Average score 4.3

Analysis of Client Reviews:

Based on the few reviews provided on Waddle.com.au by clients and only 12 reviews on Google this young company is providing a good service for its customers. Of the Google reviews the negative reviews on Google did not explain the reasoning behind their low rating providing zero commentary on why they would not recommend working with Waddle.

When considering bad reviews, one has to wonder if it is a competitor just trying to lower their ratings or if there is a personal issue between someone at the company and the person providing the bad review. When most people complain about a business they want to tell their story and explain why their experience was bad, rather just stating their experience was bad in a one work review.

Waddle Compatibility

  • Startup: No, Waddle loans are for clients with a minimum of 12 months trading.
  • Bad Credit: Credit not checked
  • Sole trader: Yes
  • Minimum monthly turnover: No minimum monthly turnover required
  • Established Business: Yes, Waddle requires its clients to be incorporated and have 12 months of trading history
  • Business Purchase: Yes, Waddle will finance an established business with at least 12 months of trading history
  • Maximum Loan Amount: Waddle will finance amounts up to unpaid invoices in clients accounting system

Waddle Review Summary
  • Credibility - 80%
  • Ease of Registration - 95%
  • Website - 95%
  • Compatibility - 85%
  • Client Reviews - 90%

Editor's Conclusions

Waddle is a great platform which is quite transparent about how it operates. The company has been respected by clients who used it, and offers reasonable interest rates. There is no reason why not to try and apply for a loan with Waddle!