Welcome to Small Business Loans Australia‘s research page. We are pleased to have you here and allow you to look into the various surveys and research we have made on the site.

  • Our research targets are:
  • To identify needs and gaps for SMEs in general
  • To identify needs and gaps for SMEs specifically in the financing aspect
  • To understand how the economy impacts businesses in various way
  • To understand the level of savviness amongst small businesses.
  • To provide questions on SME questions which are seldomly on mainstream media sites.

These are the researches we have conducted to date

70% of businesses would offer employees novated leases to reduce their own vehicle spend

Is Australia Doing Enough to Improve Access to Capital for SMEs? A comparison with the United States.

Are Businesses More Conservative in Their Borrowing and Investing in Fy2024?

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Australian small business and family enterprise report for 2022

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What steps are Australian SMEs taking to combat their biggest challenges in FY23?

Will interest rates and inflation impact cash flow and investments for SMEs before FY24?

How have Australian business expenses been impacted by inflation?

What are the first cuts businesses will make in a recession

How are late customer payments impacting Australian businesses?

Where are Aussie SMEs overspending?

Do Australian business directors borrow from personal or business funds to solve financial troubles?

When will Aussie SMEs buy electric vehicles?