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This review of Moula will help guide your understanding of the lending company. We want to ensure you’re aware of who is running Moula, their business practices, their loan process, and how they operate. Read the following Moula Review and discover more about this company as a potential borrower.

🌐 Website:
®️ Logo:Moula new logo
📝 ABN:995 164 875 325
📝 Credit License:164 875 325
💰 Loan AmountFrom $5,000 – $250,000
⏲️ Loan TermFrom 6 months – 12 months
💸 Unsecured Loans?Yes
⌚ Lender Requirements$5,000 sales/month, ABN/ACN, operating for 12 months (minimum), and a fair – excellent credit history.
📃 Required:Name, contact information, business name, purpose for the loan, business financial information, and ABN/ACN.
⏱️ Response Time:24 hours
🌝 Easy to Apply:Yes – 7 minute application process

The Nitty-gritty

💌 Online Reviews:Moula is generally viewed as a positive company by both borrowers and employees alike.
🏆 Awards and Recognition:
  • Best Non-Bank Lender by Momentum Intelligence
  • 2017 Finnies Finalist for Fintech, 2017
💳 Minimal Interest Rates:0.75-1.5% of the current balance of your loan (at the beginning of the 2-week billing cycle).
⚖️ Advantages
  • Simple and clear online application
  • No collateral required
  • Online account management
⚖️ Disadvantages
  • Not suitable for companies younger than 1 year
  • At least $5,000 in sales/month
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The Expert’s Opinion:

Moula is one of few lenders in Australia which does not offer bad credit rating business loans, as they stick to businesses with a fair or better credit score (Taken from their FAQs). Besides that, you only need $5,000 in sales each month (which is less than the average requirement in this industry). The interest rate of their loan is quite high at 0.75% of the loan balance every 2 weeks (0.75% is for businesses that are doing well, while 1.5% fortnightly interest is for more struggling businesses) .

In short, they will only accept fairly low-risk businesses but charge relatively high interest rates of those who have been accepted. You can easily understand the reason they have the nicest looking website in the business and possibly some of the best staff (as reflected by client reviews).


Company Story

Moula Logo

Moula provides business loans to small to medium sized businesses in Australia. Founded in 2013, they strive to create simplified business loans and fast lending experiences for small business owners who need them. They have been on the lending scene for a decade now, and in their early years were widely hailed by the media as an industry disrupter – which is a positive thing. They serve many types of businesses, from franchises, retailers, wholesalers, professional services, beauty services, hospitality, and more. However, it’s important to note that this industry trendsetter doesn’t provide loans to individuals for personal reasons or to new businesses.

Moula was co-founded by three financial professionals: Aris Allegos, Andrew Watt, and Piers Moller, who previously occupied the CEO, COO, and CTO roles respectively. As of 2023, none of the co-founders currently sit on the leadership team. Today, Moula’s experienced leadership team is headed by CEO Gavin Slater, who has previously worked as a Director for the Bank of New Zealand for 5 years, and also has experience with disruptive fintechs, acting as CEO to Nimble Money prior to joining Moula. Despite a new leadership team, Moula’s focus remains the same –  conquering the cash flow and capital problems experienced by small business owners across Australia. Their primary goal is to remain transparent at all times, and to help Australian businesses grow.

Additionally, Moula is involved in charity work and they’ve previously partnered with Thankyou, a social movement that’s set out to end global poverty. The projects they’ve supported help to fund water accessibility, sanitation, hygiene initiatives, food accessibility, as well as child and maternal health care.

Moula’s Lending Solutions 

In regards to their product offering, Moula has a simple and transparent business loan proposition. 

Small business loans are available, on an unsecured basis, up to $250,000 and for terms between 12 to 24 months.

They have a very clear pricing and repayment structure, and do their best to share in detail all terms on their website without having to apply or get in contact for more information. In short, Moula charge a 2% origination fee plus interest on the principal (amount borrowed), which varies from 14.95% – 34.95% APR, and that’s it. No additional confusing or hidden fees, so whilst they may not be the cheapest lender in the industry, they do offer a very clear and transparent pricing structure to potential customers. To get your own bespoke calculation, Moula has a dedicated business loan calculator page, where you can adjust the interest rate to understand the worst and best case lending scenario.

Moula Client Reviews

– TrustPilot Australia: 1,699 Reviews, 94% Excellent, 5% Great, 1% Average 4.7 / 5 Total Score (Excellent)

– Moula’s Facebook Business Page: 22 Reviews, 22 Positive 5 / 5 Total Score

– Glassdoor: 25 Reviews, 4 / 5 Total Score

Analysis of Client Reviews:

Moula is a lender that has a wide range of positive reviews. When assessing reviews of a lending company it’s critical to take a closer look at the context that a positive or negative review was left in. In Moula’s case, the negative reviews we found online for them didn’t seem to hold much weight, and Moula has responded to 4 of their 5 negative reviews, which is a negligible number given that they now have more than 1,600 reviews on the TrustPilot platform. . Some borrowers were upset that Moula checked their personal credit scores (although this is listed as part of Moula’s application process). Their positive reviews, on the other hand, were incredibly specific. Particular customer service reps and managers were named as being excellent people to work with, the lending process was said to be efficient and straightforward, and their transparent method of billing was also listed as a positive.

Moula Loan Compatibility

  • Startup: No, Moula only works with businesses who have been operating for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Bad credit: No, Moula requires that you have at least a fair credit history (and they prefer that it’s better than that).
  • Sole trader: Yes, Moula works with sole traders if you have an ABN/ACN.
  • Established business: Yes, Moula works with established businesses.
  • Turnover: Moula requires $5,000 in sales/month.

Moula Loans Review Summary


Moula, a now well-established Aussie lender, offers unsecured business loans ranging from $5,000 to $250,000 with terms from 12 to 24 months. So if you’re looking for a short term business loan under one year, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Moula is recognised for its clear online application process, quick response times, and no collateral requirements. Moula is quite transparent wit its interest rates but they are considered quite high compared to industry standards. Despite this, the company has garnered tremendously positive reviews for its customer service and efficient lending process, netting it an impressive 4.7 / 5 rating on Trustpilot. As always, be sure to compare Moula with other lenders to ensure you’re  getting the best deal for your specific business needs.