Limba Business Loans Review

This review of Limba business loans (formerly City Finance Business Lending) will educate readers on the 20-year business history behind the lender and what business lending solutions it has to offer. We take a look at Limba reviews we can find online to see what existing Limba clients have had to say about their experience and we run through the lending requirements that Limba stipulates for borrowers. Read our Limba review to see if they’re the best Australian lender for you.

Limba Review – Basic Figures for 2024

🌐 Website:
®️ Logo:
📝 ABN: 56 602 843 327
📝 Credit License:602 843 327
💰 Loan Amount$5,000 – $200,000 (Unsecured up to $50,000)
⏲️ Loan Term3 months – 24 months
💸 Unsecured Loans?Unsecured Loans are Available
⌚ Lender Requirements
  • ABN
  • Operating for 6 months or more
📃 Required:Driving License Number

Your ABN Business Number

Business Bank Details

⏱️ Response Time:Same-Day Decision
🌝 Easy to Apply:Yes, fully online (expedited application here)

The Nitty-gritty

💌 Online Reviews:100% positive but very few
🏆 Awards and Recognition:None to date
💳 Minimal Interest Rates:Not stipulated
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Limba Reviews and Ratings


Full Review: Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Company Story & Credibility

Previously trading as City Finance Business Lending, Limba is a new name for an already established business. As one of Australia’s most experienced business lenders, Limba has a proud 20+ year history behind them. For over 20 years, Limba has been serving the needs of small businesses, providing capital when it’s needed most. This all long before the term ‘FinTech’ was even invented.

As part of the wider City Finance group (which includes the well-known private lender City Finance) Limba leverages its experience in the industry, yet retains the flexibility and convenience of a small business. 

There are no call centre queues, simply a direct line to a decision-maker to discuss your capital needs. All borrowers are provided with a tailored and transparent service that sees Limba highlighting your repayments, so you can make an informed decision before agreeing to the loan. If Limba doesn’t feel it’s the right provider for you – they’ll be honest and tell you upfront.

The small team at Limba has decades of experience within the lending and banking sector. The CEO Andrew Child has over 30 years experience, previously holding roles at Aussie Home Loans and Mortgage choice. Whilst other members of the senior management team have held roles at the large Australian banks and other banking hotspots around the world, including London.

Headquartered in Queensland, Limba Loans offers its services throughout Australia.

Credibility Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

What Finance Options Do Limba Offer?

Limba has three types of business loans available to borrowers. 

Just as all of the online lenders reviewed on small business loans Australia, Limba offers straightforward cash flow loans. As a simple principal & interest loan borrowers can receive anywhere from $5,000 to $200,000 for any suitable business purpose. With a term of up to 2 years, repayments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Loans under $50,000 are unsecured but over this figure loans from Limba require real estate as security.

In addition to working capital loans, Limba offers interest only loans and bridging loans. 

Interest only loans are available up to $100,000 for a period of 3-12 months. These loans do require real estate as security, no matter how much/little you are looking to borrow but borrowers obviously benefit from interest only repayments for the first 12 months. A clear repayment plan for the principal amount at the end of the term will be required.

Bridging loans are available for 3-6 months, anywhere up to $50,000. Loans require real estate as security but crucially no repayments are required until the end of the term (interest still gets added throughout the term of the loan but is simply repaid all at once upon the closing of the loan).

We like the fact that Limba offers interest-only and bridging loans in addition to straightforward business loans. Given how the loans are structured, it may not require a huge amount of additional product development but shows the flexibility and experience in the small team at Limba. 

Product Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Limba Business Loans Client Reviews

In Numbers

  • TrustPilot Australia: : 30 Reviews, 100% Excellent, 0% Average, 0% Bad – TrustScore 4.7 / 5.

The Feedback

With only 30 Limba reviews to peruse online, it is a relatively small sample to make clear-cut assumptions but with 100% of these reviews rating their experience with Limba business loans as ‘Excellent’ it’s certainly a strong indication that the service offered by Limba is both professional and effective. Some of the Limba reviews mention:

“We can fully recommend Limba, the staff were empathetic to our needs as a small business and worked with us in a prompt and professional manner at all times. We will have no hesitation in using them again in the future if required.”

“As a broker, my dealings with Limba have been nothing short of flawless. Their small (but incredibly efficient) team have turned scenarios into settlements overnight and offered my clients a transparent and cost effective option when looking at unsecured capital. Particular assistance from Daxa, Elliot & Olly have proven to our firm time and again that Limba has carved out a niche in the commercial funding space – Truly one to be reckoned with.”

As it stands there are no negative reviews of Limba Loans.

Analysis of Client Reviews:

Despite launching in 1998, it appears that Limba loans have only been using TrustPilot since late 2018. Since this time, the firm has amassed 30 reviews – a tiny amount compared to lending giants such as Prospa (who have over 5,000 reviews) but pretty much in line with other small business lenders in Australia.

With only 30 Limba reviews and no negative reviews, it is difficult to build a complete picture of Limba loans but we have to go by the information we have so far. It’s definitely helpful that a business loan broker has left a Limba review as a loan broker will work with a number of Australia’s best online lenders. Crucially, they believe Limba have carved out a unique niche in the Australian business loans market – built around the personal and expert service from the small team at Limba. 

Pretty much every Limba review mentions the service from Limba loans and highlights the help of the same 3-4 individuals who keep popping up in the reviews as people who genuinely care and take the time to understand their borrowers requirements, before tailoring a loan solution to them.

We must take into account that Lima remains a small business in itself but the fact there are only 30 reviews does have to cost Limba in this department – particularly when some of Australia’s best business loan providers have 10 or even 100 times that amount.

Client Reviews Score:

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Limba’s Online Platform

Limba’s website is simple and straightforward. There’s nothing of note that stands Limba above the competition in this regard but it includes most information you would expect from an online lender in Australia.

The FAQs section is helpful and provides a better understanding of the borrowing requirements expected of Limba clients but these are not as clearly stipulated as we’ve seen elsewhere. It would appear Limba prefers to actually speak to its customers and will soon inform you if they don’t think they’ll be able to help your business. 

Possibly the biggest advantage to is the easy 5-minute application that involves inputting just a few basic details, prior to speaking to a loan expert.

Website Score:

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Limba Loan Compatibility

  • Startup: Not completely new but Limba only requires that you’ve been trading for 6 months, better than the industry average.
  • Bad credit: Limba will consider all applications.
  • Sole trader: Yes, Limba loans work with sole traders.
  • Established business: Yes, Limba accepts established businesses.
  • Turnover: No minimum turnover requirements mentioned, just 6-months’ of trading and a transaction history.

Limba’s minimum requirements are pretty fair. With a minimum of 6 months in operation, this is the lowest you’ll find from an Australian lender. There’s no mention of minimum turnover requirements so we have to assume Limba will consider your application, no matter your turnover.

Compatibility Score: ⭐⭐⭐ 

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Limba Pricing & Rates

There is very little information to be found on Limba’s website with regards to potential interest rates and loan costs. However, the fact that Limba has been operating for over 20 years, it would suggest borrowers have been satisfied with their loan terms. This is particularly true with the influx of new online business lenders joining the market – it would be unlikely that Limba would survive if it was charging unproportionate rates to the level of service it provides.

None of the online reviews specifically mention the cost of the loan but we have to assume this is a positive when all reviews are ‘Excellent’. If a client felt the service was expensive or not relative to their expectations we would have expected some worse reviews or at least something in the review which specifically mentions the cost.

In Limba’s business blog there is one post from September 2019 that highlights additional investment that Limba was able to receive and this is what Olly Guilleaume, National Manager at Limba, had to say, “Following an influx of investment funds, Limba has been able to reprice our business loan products for the first time in three years. We’ve jumped at the chance to pass savings on to our customers, by cutting our SME lending interest rate by 25 per cent.” 

Pricing Score: ⭐⭐⭐ 

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Limba Business Loan Summary
  • Credibility - 85%
  • Ease of Registration - 90%
  • Website - 80%
  • Compatibility - 85%


The overriding advantage to using Limba Business Loans appears to be its experienced and trustworthy lending team. Having operated for over 20 years, the focus on customer service appears to be at the core of everything Limba does and two decades on this approach seems to be working.

Client reviews back this up with virtually every review praising the Limba team for actually listening to their situation and doing their best to help. The small number of reviews limits just how much weighting we can place on this positive feedback so it’s a shame the lender didn’t join TrustPilot sooner.

The Limba website is basic and there isn’t a huge amount of information to be found but the online application is quick. On the basis that Limba prefers to actually speak to applicants, this perhaps explains why there is less focus on the online experience. Borrowers who prefer that personal touch should enjoy working with Limba loans.


We hope this Limba loans review has helped you to understand who the company is and the benefits of using Limba as a lending provider – ultimately helping you to decide whether to take a small business cash flow loan from Limba. For any inaccuracies or if you have any questions please contact us.