Best Small Business Loans Queensland (QLD Based Lenders)



Queensland Small Business Loans: Your Options Explained

When you think of Queensland business loans, your first thought might be to one of the big four Aussie banks or perhaps even a business loan broker but competition is increasing and with the rise of non-bank alternative lenders, there are more options for Queensland Small Business Loans than ever before. 

Wherever your business is based in Queensland – Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville – you’ll find a range of financing options open to businesses from virtually any business industry. Here are your options for Queensland business loans explained:

Australian Banks

As mentioned the most obvious option is to apply with an Australian bank. Though it’s worth stating that banks are usually better positioned to offer long-term business loans as opposed to short term business loans in QLD. The application process for a business loan with a bank can take a matter of weeks, if not months.

Direct Lenders

If you’re clear on the type of finance it is you’re after then you’ll want to get your head around which lenders offer this and which do not. Further information is available through our in-depth reviews for lenders providing the best unsecured business loans in Australia, detailing each and every lending solution they offer.

Apply with a Business Loan Broker

You could opt to use a business loan broker to ease your search for a Queensland business loan. Having an expert assist you with your search for business finance in Queensland could help you save a lot of time and hassle later down the line. A business loan broker will have a good understanding of the lending landscape as it is today and the business lenders who are most suited to your business and the financing requirements you have.

Apply with a Business Loan Marketplace

Given its speed and low-cost nature (it’s free) we think it’s worth considering a business loan marketplace before utilising the services of a business loan broker or approaching a lender directly. A business loan marketplace compares your business finance options for you through an automated tool. Your lending results are then completely based on the information you have provided, which will involve the type of business you run, its financial performance and the type of finance it is you’re seeking. The service is free, applications do not impact your credit score and they can be completed completely online in less than 10minutes. It’s a great place to start and could save you a lot of money in your search for a Queensland small business loan.


Business Loans Brisbane

No matter the industry in which they operate, business owners in Brisbane will know that a lack of access to capital can stunt growth. In total, there are over 200,000 registered businesses in Greater Brisbane, providing strong demand for Brisbane business loans. Interestingly, there are no online lenders based out of Brisbane itself who provide commercial loans in Brisbane but Australia has plenty of options when it comes to online business loans in Brisbane. In fact, two of the most successful online business lenders to have launched in Australia are based in the Gold Coast and will of course issue business loans in Brisbane. 

Speedy Finance was the first online lender to launch in Queensland back in 2004, specialising in secured business loans in Brisbane, both standard and interest only. Plant, machinery & equipment financing in Brisbane is all possible through Speedy Finance. To qualify for an interest only loan borrowers will need to be able to demonstrate evidence of future income and loans are usually secured against a residential property, commercial property or vacant land. Financing is available up to $250,000 and rates for small business loans in QLD start at 2% per month.

Business Fuel was the second lender to launch in QLD back in 2011, meaning it’s still one of the longest serving online business lenders in Australia today. It boasts an impressive 50% return customers, which is coupled with very stellar online feedback, rating the lender 4.9 / 5 on TrustPilot, based on over 250 reviews. Over 80% of loans issued by Business Fuel are unsecured but the lender can certainly provide equipment financing in Brisbane as well.

As far as nationwide lenders go, all of the lenders providing the best small business loans reviewed here on SBLA, can issue commercial loans in Brisbane, as well as a number of secured financing solutions, such as vehicle and equipment financing in Brisbane.

Final Word – Business Loans in Brisbane / QLD

Despite the strong demand for small business loans in Brisbane, it might be a little surprising to hear that no online business lender in Australia has based itself out of Queensland’s capital. That’s not to say Brisbane business loans or indeed small business loans in QLD are not attainable though. The Gold Coast is home to two of the most successful online business lenders and there are a number of nationwide lenders issuing small business loans in QLD. Helping to improve accessibility for Queensland-based businesses and expanding the type of financing options available to them. 


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