Max Funding Review

This review of Max Funding will help to outline what makes their business model unique, how their business is structured, and what you’ll need as a lender to qualify for a loan.

Max Funding Review in Numbers

Australian Business Number (ABN): 39 616 549 725
Australian Credit License: 616 549 725
Loan amount: from $1,000 to $500,000
Loan term: maximum 3 years
Unsecured Loans Offered? Yes
Easy Online Application: Yes
Response Normally Within: 24 Hours or less
Documents Required to Apply: Online bank login information to obtain bank statements, proof of assets (like a motor vehicle), proof of reasonable credit history
Requirements to Apply: Reasonable credit history
Minimal Interest Rates: 1.8%/month
General Feedback from Clients Online: Although there are many positive reviews listed on Max Funding’s own website, it’s difficult to find any positive reviews anywhere else online for this lender.
Awards and Recognition: None found.
Website Address:

Short Summary:

Max Funding is an Australian Lender that focuses on speedy response time to your loan application. They claim to offer a pre-approval decision within 5 minutes or less – and you complete your application from there. Max Funding has some positive reviews online, and their flexibility with “reasonable” credit scores is significantly more forgiving than a traditional bank or lender. To apply, all that Max Funding asks is that you have a reasonable credit score – they don’t have any minimum business requirements.

Company Story

Founded in 2011, Max Funding has consistently worked to create a better business loan process for Australian small business owners. The company claims it wants to change the small business interaction with finance. Time is money – Max Funding understands it, and trying to be as responsive as possible. It funded more than 8,500 businesses in more than 130 industries – Retail, restaurants, health and fitness, accommodation and more.

Australian Fintech touts them as one of the fastest, most reliable business lenders for new business owners. Additionally, Max Funding has been mentioned as a possible method for small business owners to get cash to fund their new business in The Sydney Morning Herald.

In addition to their lending business, Max Funding openly supports Kiva – a non-profit organization that works to build opportunities for individuals in poverty on a global scale. They are an official Kiva sponsor as part of their ongoing effort to support people around the world financially.

Max Funding Reviews by Clients

-TrustPilot Australia MaxFunding Reviews: 3 Reviews, 33% Positive, 67% Negative.

Analysis of Client Reviews:

It was incredibly difficult to find any reviews about either Max Funding or Max Finance. They had been mentioned in news articles listing lenders for small businesses, but otherwise appeared to have no internet presence. The 3 reviews we did find are generally negative.

Max Funding Loan Compatibility

  • Startup: Yes, Max Funding accepts clients who are new to business.
  • Bad credit: Yes, Max Funding works with clients who have bad credit.
  • Sole trader: Yes, Max Funding accepts sole traders.
  • Established business: Yes, Max Funding will accept any established business.

Max Funding provides a variety of products:

  • Working Capital loans – a tailored loan to fund a routine operations and daily activities.
  • Commercial loans – a solution to fund capital expenses, business development and its enlargement.
  • Invoice Finance – a short term loan created to assist you with cash advances and settling cash flow matters.
  • Tax Return loans – a quick loan to help finance your company tax on your net profit.
  • Advertising loans – a flexible loan for advertisements cost.
  • Business purchase loans – a special loan to help you buy another operating business.

Read more about other Max Funding’s products on their website:

Although you can find in this Max Funding review some of their offers and a lot of information about the company and its story, we always recommend to compare any proposal with other relevant companies in this industry before making a final decision. You might save some money and get a more satisfactory offer for your needs. For a small business owner, a comparison between different providers, is truly important and sometimes crucial. You can find a short list of alternative lenders below:

Max Funding Alternatives in Australia:

#1 Best Business Loans Aggregator
Editorial Rating 97.2%
  • Funding: $5,000 to $500,000
  • Smart Matching Algorithm
  • 1-2 Days for Response to Application
  • Great Status Panel for Clients
  • Easy to Re-borrow
  • 20+ Lenders Access
#2 500m+ Funded to Date
Editorial Rating 93.1%
  • Funding: $5,000 to $500,000
  • Unsecured and Unsecured
  • Line of Credit
  • 97% Positive Reviews
  • $500m Funded
  • Established Businesses Only
#3 The King of Customer Service
Editorial Rating 90.7%
  • Funding: $5,000 to $250,00
  • Well-Known and Ethical
  • Unsecured or Secured Loans
  • Great Online System
  • 95% Positive Client Reviews
  • Min. Annual Turnover $100,000