Lending Express Review

Did you come across Lending Express but had no idea what this company is about? Are you in need of a business loan but cautious in checking your options because you do not want to end tits up like a lot of other small business owners who used the wrong business financing firm? Use our Lending Express review to discover what Lending-Express.com is all about.

Is Lending Express a Lender?

The first thing to start off from is by explaining you that LendingExpress is definitely not a lender in a sense that it does not facilitate small business financing. Lending Express is an Australian lenders marketplace. It connects between potential lenders and borrowers.

Which Lenders Does Lending Express Works With?

Lending Express works with a variety of top-notch lenders in Australia. In fact they work with all the big dogs in the industry, such as Propsa, Get Capital and Capify.

What Are the Minimal Requirements to Apply for a Loan?

You need to be:

  • An Australian business with an ABN.
  • An established business with at least $8,000 in revenues each month.
  • In business for 12 months or more.

Each of the lenders on LendingExpress obviously has different requirements but this is what all of them would require at the very least.

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty straightforward, really. You got into the site, fill in your requirements and the current status of your business, and get a login access to your zone on Lending Express, where lenders will be matched to you based on your specifications.

How Does Lending Express Turns Profit?

Lending Express receives various types of reimbursements from lenders which have been referred clients to. By working with a variety of lenders, they are more impartial and diverse (and in any case, every other informational business finance website, including this very site, makes money this way).

Are There Any Competitors Our There?

One competitor we have noticed is Lend.com.au, but as you can read on our Lend.com.au review we recommend Lending Express over it.

Do Users Like Lending Express?

Yes. There are 29 reviews on Trust Pilot right now, of which 100% are highly positive. 5 star rating across the board, without a single complaint.

Does It Cost Anything?

No. It’s free to use. That’s why you should sign up today, leave your details, get a quote, and if you don’t like it, just don’t use them! But for heaven’s sake, don’t give up on an opportunity that can save you much time and legwork.

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