Beyond Merchant Capital Review

This review of Beyond Merchant Capital will prepare you to apply for a loan with the lender and help you consider whether this is a financing partner you would like to work with. We have collected as many details as possible about this good, but rather unknown, lender from various sources.

Beyond Merchant Capital Review in Numbers

Australian Business Number (ABN): 48 604 670 662
Australian Credit License:
Loan amount: from $10,000 – $500,000
Loan term: from 3 months – 24 months
Unsecured Loans Offered? Yes
Easy Online Application: Yes
Response Normally Within: 1-2 Days
Documents Required to Apply: Personal and Bank Information, Credit Card Sales
Requirements to Apply: In business for 6 months at least with card sales of $10,000 a month.
Minimal Interest Rates: Cash advance
General Feedback from Clients Online: There has not been a lot of feedback to Beyond Merchant Capital, being a medium sized, business-facing, company. We have only located 9 votes on their Facebook page, all of which are 5 star votes.
Awards and Recognition: None to date.
Website Address:

Short Summary:

Beyond Merchant Capital has good potential which are are still looking into. The website is magnificent and it is evident that there are serious people behind the firm, but we have still to collate enough information including client feedback to make a wholehearted recommendation.

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Company Story:

The company was established in 2016 as a provider of working capital for small business in Australia. The company indicates that their vision is to provide innovative financial products to small businesses in Australia. Due the the fact that traditional funding options are very limited to SMEs, Beyond Merchant Capital provide a flexible payment model to get funded. The company offers unsecured business loans and merchant cash advance.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company is Larry Prosser, who has more than 30 years of experience in financial services. Beyond Merchant Capital headquarters is located in Milton, Queensland, one of the inner suburb of Brisbane, Australia.

Beyond provides unsecured loans up to $500,000 for small businesses. The loan terms are usually between 9-12 months, but first you need to fill the application on their website, which take about 15 minutes. After that, the company decides if to approve your request or not and get your business funded. The company is proud that around 80% of their clients renew the services.

Beyond Merchant Capital Client Review

-TrustPilot Australia: Only 5 reviews, all positive, 9.7 / 10 Total Score.

-SocialSurvey: 16 reviews, 15 positive, 1 negative, 4.2 / 5 Total Score.

Analysis of Client Reviews:

There aren’t many client reviews of Beyond Merchant Capital online. Almost all existing review of this company are highly positive, especially the recent clients reviews. Some clients report of a quick response to questions and a great help from a professional team. Other clients hints they were misrepresented by a company’s agent. We highly recommend to read the terms and condition of the company to avoid such incidents and continue the research to find the best lender that fits you and your business needs.